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April 9, 2011

Flannery Channels Psychic Ants

March 25, 2011

Enforced Donation in Dogma Class

See the Impact of Climate Change blog for documentation of a “Society and History” teacher, in a Tasmanian high school, giving her students homework which involves, inter alia, donating to a Canadian environmental organisation.

March 11, 2011

Climate-Change Indoctrination

Educit obstetrix, educat nutrix, instituit paedagogus, docet magister.*

These days, unfortunately, teachers neither teach nor instruct; they propagandise.  Alfred, my son, has written a review of his high school’s Society and History class on “the impact of climate change”.

* “The midwife delivers, the wet-nurse nourishes, the tutor instructs, the master teaches.” (Varro, ap. Nonius Marcellus, 447, 33.)