Heed Gaia’s Smoke Signals

Climatic Eruption

Yet more volcanoes?
Certain proof of the dangers
of global warming.

Fewer Hurricanes,
small warmth; but these volcanoes
are quite alarming.

Volcanoes are not
caused by emissions, you say?
This we can conceal:

we need disasters
to make people recognise
climate change is real.

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2 Comments to “Heed Gaia’s Smoke Signals”

  1. After posting the above (but slightly different) verses, in two posts, at Watts up with That, some commenters complained that I must be either stupid or a Watermelon or both.  Perhaps I am.  I responded:

    Litotes are lost
    on a few, apparently.
    Cheers, Jeff and Fred Nerk.

    My irony and
    hyperbole, it would seem,
    could do with some work.

  2. Added to another post at Watts up with That:

    A major problem
    with scientific method
    is there’s more than one.

    Wild hypotheses
    and unsubstantiated
    conjectures abound

    for the “scientists”
    of the climate-change bubble
    just want to have fun

    and invent figures;
    but bubbles will always burst,
    or so I have found.

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