Flim-Flannery II

The Profit of Doom

“Climate dangers loom!
such “science” impresses whom?
For fools there is room.

Who preaches such gloom?
Tim Flannery, we assume:
“Do fear the simoom!”

That prophet of doom
in motley jester’s costume
pretends to illume.

We need a new broom
for real science to resume;
let Tim have his tomb.

Still, fresh blossoms bloom;
ignore the human legume.
Enjoy spring’s perfume.


One Comment to “Flim-Flannery II”

  1. Is this really new?
    Conning is what conners do.
    He’ll soon be seen through.

    Only after loot,
    all his forecasts don’t compute.
    Silly prostitute!

    History will view
    his CAGW
    a fad to eschew.

    The new term to parse,
    climate disruption? A farce.
    Flannery’s an arse.

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