Flim-Flannery I

Flammery’s Lament

They’ll run a front-page feature*
too full of awful lies;
they’ll state that I’m a creature
of avaricious guys.
They’ll run a weekend-story
to spread deceit and fear,
forgetting all my glory—
an Aussie of the year!

Then comes a little stinger
on Monday, on page three:
some dreadful paper’s stringer
will dare to sneer at me.
Why are such people teasing?
I cannot understand!
I’m clearly born for pleasing—
a prophet of the land.

Desert seers were oft abused
by those they came to lead.
Similarly, I’ve been accused
of clumsiness and greed.
I am not the worst of chaps,
no author of a plot;
scientific dunce, perhaps,
a genius I am not.

* Tim Blair reports that Tim Flannery “might be exaggerating just a little.”  The delusional and, perhaps, paranoid Prof. Flannery said:

The campaign [against the IPCC] was very much like the sort of media campaign that I’m used to when people try to discredit me.  And the way that works is usually on a Friday they’ll run a front-page story saying what a ratbag I am.  You know, front page, and that’s all right, interesting, someone’s been a bit, you know, corrupt or a bit rotten.
And then on the Saturday they’ll run a page three story, usually a much longer story, listing everything you’re supposed to have done, and all the reasons why you’re a ratbag.
And then on the Monday they’ll put a little stinger in. A little reminder, just to remind people what a rotten person you are.

John, iv.  44; Mark, vi. 4; Matt., xxxv. 57.


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