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January 30, 2011

Deadly Poisonous Creatures

[Two holidaying men are lying on the sand of an Australian beach.  Despite weeks of lazing in the sun, both men are pale.]

Bruce: My skin itches; a drowsy numbness pains
my limbs, as though in thistles I had rolled:
attacked I was by fierce, venomous frogs.
The vicious things were crazed and sans remorse!
Wherefore, I ask, doth this odd, fearsome land
allow within these foul amphibians?

Kev: That’s nothing.  I was just nibbling on some
of this supposedly fine octopus
but ’twas not safe, ’twas poisonous!  Therefore,
I go, quite peeved, to everlasting rest,
and shake the taste of indigestible,
world-wearying flesh.  Mine eyes, look your last.  

[Both men expire.]

For the entire brief tragedy, see “Encountering Venomous Frogs and Poisonous Octopus” at the all right, all right blog.