March 25, 2011

Enforced Donation in Dogma Class

See the Impact of Climate Change blog for documentation of a “Society and History” teacher, in a Tasmanian high school, giving her students homework which involves, inter alia, donating to a Canadian environmental organisation.

March 15, 2011

Another Reason to Avoid 10:10 Parties

I thought I saw a badger fight
   a brawny, fierce baboon;
their teeth were bright in silver light
   reflected from the moon.

The cunning badger hassled well,
   the ape’s defeat was near;
the ground was ruddied by his blood,
   it whimpered now in fear.

The badger ceased its frenzied strikes,
   and struck a pose instead:
“The Climate-Gate Enquiry’s great,
   you’ll now concede,” it said.

I rubbed red eyes in wild surmise,
   the truth now clear to me:
two drunken warmist loons I saw,
   debating with a tree.

(Originally posted at Bishop Hill’s site.)

March 11, 2011

Climate-Change Indoctrination

Educit obstetrix, educat nutrix, instituit paedagogus, docet magister.*

These days, unfortunately, teachers neither teach nor instruct; they propagandise.  Alfred, my son, has written a review of his high school’s Society and History class on “the impact of climate change”.

* “The midwife delivers, the wet-nurse nourishes, the tutor instructs, the master teaches.” (Varro, ap. Nonius Marcellus, 447, 33.)

March 11, 2011

A Contingent Possibility

According to its advertisements on television, if you insure with Aussie Insurance, the noble, generous company will give your beneficiaries up to a million dollars “if you were to die.” What, there’s a possibility that some of us might not die?
Dum spiro spero.

March 8, 2011

A Wager

Should HRH the Prince of Wales become King, I warrant that he’d opt not to be known as Charles III—he’d want to avoid being compared with either Charles I or II, and Prince Charles Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charlie or the Young Pretender, is already considered by some to have been Charles III.  Instead, I reckon, he’d prefer to be known as George VII.  George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George) provides a recent precedent.  Consider also Robert III of Scotland (whose original name was John): by assuming the name Robert, instead of John II or III, he avoided acknowledging or disputing that John Balliol had been king.

February 26, 2011

Gillard the Liar: “No ‘Carbon’ Tax”

A song from Gillard the Liar, “No Carbon Tax” (with words by Julia Gillard and music by Deadman Turner), can be found at

UPDATE—The song is available on YouTube:

January 30, 2011

Deadly Poisonous Creatures

[Two holidaying men are lying on the sand of an Australian beach.  Despite weeks of lazing in the sun, both men are pale.]

Bruce: My skin itches; a drowsy numbness pains
my limbs, as though in thistles I had rolled:
attacked I was by fierce, venomous frogs.
The vicious things were crazed and sans remorse!
Wherefore, I ask, doth this odd, fearsome land
allow within these foul amphibians?

Kev: That’s nothing.  I was just nibbling on some
of this supposedly fine octopus
but ’twas not safe, ’twas poisonous!  Therefore,
I go, quite peeved, to everlasting rest,
and shake the taste of indigestible,
world-wearying flesh.  Mine eyes, look your last.  

[Both men expire.]

For the entire brief tragedy, see “Encountering Venomous Frogs and Poisonous Octopus” at the all right, all right blog.
January 10, 2011

Tim Flannery Is Not a Zombie Controlled by Ants, Claim Ants

Following the continued mental decline of the very silly Prof. Tim Flannery, who, amongst other idiocies, recently insisted that the Ancient Greek goddess Gaia would soon be physically manifest,* and praised the democratic politics of insects (on a radio show with the late Robyn Williams), the world’s ants recently took the trouble to refute any suggestion that they were controlling Flannery.

Details can be read at the all right, all right blog.

* Here is some of what Flannery said:

I think that within this century the concept of the strong Gaia will actually become physically manifest.  I do think that the Gaia of the Ancient Greeks, where they believed the earth was effectively one whole and perfect living creature, that doesn’t exist yet, but it will exist in future […].

We’ll never be able to control the earth, there’s no doubt about it.  We can’t control its systems; but we can nudge them and we can foresee danger.  Once that occurs, then the Gaia of the Ancient Greeks really will exist.  This planet, this Gaia, will have acquired a brain and a nervous system.  That will make it act as a living animal, as a living organism, at some sort of level.

January 10, 2011

Tim Flannery and the Late Robyn Williams on Resurrecting Mammoths and Modifying Human Babies

From the ABC’s Science Show (the first of this year), the very silly Tim Flannery and the late Robyn Williams converse:

Tim Flannery: So if we want the Mammoth Steppe, if we want to have maximum and optimal productivity on the planet, we need to put back some large herbivores into that ecosystem.  The one that’s excellent, even to live in cold conditions, is the mammoth.  It even had a little stopper over its arsehole to stop heat escaping!   It was perfectly adapted.

the late Robyn Williams: I did not know about that stopper!  The tail goes down and it’s sort of like that and it plugs in.  We should have those for babies, shouldn’t we really!

Tim Flannery: We probably should!

the late Robyn Williams: It would be fantastic!

January 10, 2011

Death of Robyn Williams

Recently, following some bizarre behaviour (and, in particular, some ravings in a conversation with the silly Tim Flannery, broadcast on ABC Radio’s “Science Show”, wherein Flannery and Williams celebrated the democratic politics of ants and continued to spread the gospel of the discredited pseudo-science of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming), many former admirers of Robyn Williams had been worried that he was either suffering from some form of dementia or was extremely ill.  Now the sad new comes that Robyn Williams is dead, and has been for some time.

Full details are at the all right, all right blog.